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Women continue to remain under-represented in sustainability

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 happened (Nov/06-18) in Egypt to agree on policies between governments to limit global temperature rises and adapt to impacts associated with our ongoing environmental crises. The adverse effects are already felt in many countries across agriculture and food security biodiversity and ecosystems, water resources, human health, transport and energy industries, to name a few.

Women are more vulnerable to the impact due to social, economic and political barriers. At the same time, research from UN Women highlights that they are also enthusiastic actors or agents of change for overall mitigation. Women continue to remain under-represented in global climate decisions; thus gender inequality and climate change intersect - threatening livelihoods, wellness and progress for girls and women worldwide.

The Generation Equality Forum is accelerating opportunities and #investments; however, women's representation in national and local climate negotiations remains below 30%. Increasing climate funding for female-led communities beyond the existing 3%, financing their vision and backing their ideas for sustainability is critical for successful climate justice adaptation, regardless of the dollar value of their projects.


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