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Transform your business with fractional COO services that honor your values.

You don’t need to give up your progressive principles to make BIG waves in tech and sustainability.

Bhuva’s Impact Global – with decades of Wall Street and corporate fundraising experience – guides non-binary and women-led businesses from pre-seed to launching the next BIG product of the future.

Bhuva Shakti, a startup advisor & investor, standing confidently with a smile: representing strength in ESG, DEI, & sustainable innovation.
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Bhuva's experience

Progressive values in tech and finance don’t hold you back. They launch you into the future.

Your values of a greener world – and the ideas, tech, and products that help us achieve it – brought you to this point.

But you walk into investment meetings, with arguments for sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as the last slide on your pitch deck.

Or worse yet, you exclude these ideas altogether, because you feel that they will be shut down.

At Bhuva’s Impact Global, we lead with our principles, and we believe you should too.

As a financial advisory firm for companies that innovate in green technology, and champion DEI, BIG has the methodology and Chief Operations Officer advisory services that launch and establish the eco-innovators of the future.

There’s nothing stopping you now from leading with purpose today.

World-Class Companies and Causes We're Proud to have been Connected with

Green revenue expansion is possible, and Bhuva’s Impact Global founder Bhuva Shakti has seen it in action for years.

25+ years of experience in fintech/regtech

Wall Street transformation leader

Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School

Chief Ethics & Culture Officer at Women in AI

Bhuva Shakti - expert in finance, risk management, & sustainable innovation - smiles and looks towards the camera.

Bhuva understands why woman-led and non-binary-led tech businesses fear approaching advisory firms.

And by focusing on ESG and DEI, we can encourage the business of tomorrow to make BIG waves now.

Our founder has managed diverse multinational teams and launched several technology products in the investment banking, capital markets risk and regulatory compliance industry.

Why not enlist our expertise today?

Sustainable business transformation is the future, and Bhuva’s Impact Global is leading the change.

Our Services


Bhuva believes in women and non-binary leaders in tech, so much so that she puts money behind it.

Women and non-binary leaders in business deserve as much confidence and support in their ideas as anyone else.

Start crowdfunding with Bhuva’s Impact Global.

A desk filled paperwork, stacked coins, & a digitally-rendered tree in a person's hand, symbolizing sustainable tech and eco-innovation.


For business leaders that believe in their eco-innovative product but need the guidance of an experienced COO who can take their finances to the next level.

Don’t overlook governmental regulations, or become the next big finance failure by thinking you can cut corners – BIG leads your business into industry success the right way.

Get from pre-seed to launch with our fractional COO packages.

A diverse group of entrepreneurial women & non-binary business owners engaged in a workshop. Learn about our services in startup advisory.


For organizations that champion diverse voices in fintech and business, our founder Bhuva Shakti has a deep understanding of the trends of tomorrow, and she’s ready to share today.

From AI to entrepreneurs’ success and financial education, Bhuva’s knowledge will surely be a great addition to your roster.

Bhuva Shakti, shown here smiling with arms stretched out in a welcoming stance, is an enthusiastic fintech/regtech thought leader.


Working with Bhuva was a true blessing for me and all our team at Women in AI. If you look for someone who listens carefully to what others say, follows instructions to the point, and never let's anything be missed or forgotten, Bhuva is the best person. [...] She has a great personality, and working with her is very pleasant, efficient, and fun. She is very structured in her mind and as a result, it allows us to be extremely organized. Her manner, being always calm and respectful is what I really admire from Bhuva. I hope we keep collaborating and sharing more beautiful moments and achievements together.




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Our Climate-Forward Commitments

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we actively contribute to global objectives, working towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

As proud participants in the Earth Day Pledge, we solidify our commitment to preserving the environment and paving the way for a greener future.

These are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we at Bhuva's Impact Global take.

The BIG Blog: Advancing Socio-Economic Innovation, Climate Tech, & Women-led Startups

Bite-sized trends and pragmatic insights for growth that matters tomorrow!

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