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Bhuva’s Impact Global provides expert counseling and fractional COO services for tech start-ups driven by progressive values.

Bhuva’s Impact Global's is all about road maps: we have a methodical approach to guiding women- & non-binary-led tech start-ups towards industry success

At BIG, we want to dismiss the fear of manipulation and exploitation that women-led and non-binary-led businesses have when approaching old-school advisory firms. 

With the help of workshops, detailed road maps, and our personalized advisory services, C- suite executives get the trustworthy guidance they need to make big waves in the tech industry and be ready for the next-gen of trends.

Outstanding companies and causes we are connected with

A financial and sustainable innovation advisory firm built for women and non-binary business leaders in mind

Decorative Circles

Bhuva’s Impact Global came from founder Bhuva Shakti’s background of successfully launching businesses all her career.

In her 25-year career, her underrepresented clients had few resources and little recognition, but she was there to guide them to success.

As a champion for socio-economic justice, Bhuva launched BIG to remove the inaccessibility underrepresented groups in tech can face, so they can achieve their potential in fundraising and beyond.

Green revenue expansion is possible, and BIG understands why woman-led and non-binary-led tech businesses fear approaching advisory firms and believes that sustainable practices and values of DEI do not have to come at the cost of profits. 

About Our Founder, Bhuva Shakti, Sustainable Tech Consultant & Investor

Bhuva has seen the rise and fall of tech companies who were too big to fail, but ultimately did, at the cost of public trust.

Now, she’s seeing the new AI-powered golden age of technology take charge, and businesses making the same mistakes as their predecessors.

There’s no shortcut around risk management and compliance, and digital transformation, which is why Bhuva Shakti has been called to action providing post-financial crisis roadmaps for banking clients, delivering $100MM portfolios across four continents, and successfully overseeing mergers and acquisitions across her 25-year career.

Now, it’s time to stop being the “only one in the room.” It’s time to spread the wealth of knowledge that has gotten Bhuva to this point. 

After balancing ambition in the finance sector with social responsibility and DEI for years, Bhuva wants that for her clients, too. 

Seasoned sustainable tech consultant & investor Bhuva Shakti - headshot shown here - has decades of experience in overseeing financial portfolios

Bhuva's Top Board Director & Fractional Officer Roles

Logo of Evenness, global provider of Web3, AI & Extended Reality (XR) solutions.
Bhuva Shakti is Chief Culture Officer of Women in AI, logo seen here.
Reliabl, whose logo is seen here, is a partner of Bhuva Shakti.
Women in RegTech represents the women leaders like Bhuva Shakti in the regulatory technology sector.
Bhuva Shakti is a proud partner of Columbia Climate School, logo seen here.
World Business Angel Investment Forum logo seen here.

Evenness - Board Director | Fractional Chief Product & Sustainability Officer (CPSO)

Women in AI - Board Director | Chief Ethics & Culture Officer (CECO) - Board Advisor | Responsible AI

Women in RegTech New York - Board Advisor | ESG FinTech and Risk Governance

Columbia Climate School - Board Advisor | Climate Practitioners Network (CPN)

World Business Angels Investment Forum - Board Advisor | Digital Transformation & Financial Inclusion

About BIG

Accolades for Bhuva Shakti,
Recognized Startups Advisor 

Won the most innovative banking solutions awards at Capgemini

Top ranking portfolio account executive recognition across Investment Banking

Highest ever client satisfaction scores for compliance risk management

Social proof

You are an amazing and rare macro manager that’s innovative and great at leading teams with set vision, and you are a super woman so passionate in sustainability that you devote yourself into amazing projects.




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