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Bhuva Shakti, Thought Leader in FinTech, AI, DEI, and ESG

Bhuva Shakti is not only the founder of Bhuva’s Impact Global, but a pioneer in entrepreneurship and leadership. Leading companies such as Wallet Max – an AI-powered financial software company – as Chief Sustainable Innovation Officer, gives Bhuva the unique expertise to share with her audience. 

With 25+ years of experience in the finance industry, and a futuristic vision of technological advancement for the good of the world, Bhuva Shakti has dedicated her career to empowering businesses to navigate the uncertain world of digital finance.

Bhuva Shakti, seen here, is the person to reach out to for speaking opportunities based on finance, tech, diversity, and inclusion.

Bhuva is a sought-after speaker known for her deep industry insights and ability to distill complex concepts into actionable strategies. While C-suite executives struggle to establish goals for keeping up with technological innovations like AI, Bhuva addresses that struggle from the moment she speaks.

Hosting a conference, panel discussion, or private company event? Bhuva offers a range of speaking topics designed to inspire, educate, and provoke thoughtful discussion. 

Speaking Topics

Digital Transformation


Bhuva constantly dives into how emerging technologies are reshaping traditional banking, payments and lending, and insurance, and provides actionable insights on leading successful digital transformation initiatives.

Fintech Innovation and ESG Strategy


At your next conference, hire Bhuva to discuss how companies can harness innovations in fintech and ESG strategically to maintain competitive advantage, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

Regulatory compliance in sustainability fintech


The next generation of tech leaders is on the rise, and they need to be prepared to not make the same mistakes as their predecessors. Bhuva sheds light on the complex regulatory landscape for startups dedicated to climate innovation and sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence (A) in ethics finance


Bhuva has long been investigating the growing influence of AI and machine learning and its implication for business ethics. At your next speaking event, have Bhuva outline AI’s influence in areas like labor productivity, risk management, and customer service. 

Blockchain & emerging tech for startups


As a startup, you should be up-to-date on what new technology and blockchain can do for you. Discuss with Bhuva real-world applications, challenges, opportunities, and predictions for the future of blockchain.

Financial inclusion, diversity, and, equity


Explore with Bhuva how fintech and regtech is playing a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion. Discuss how digital finance solutions can help reach underserved populations and create a more equitable financial system.

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Looking for a dynamic & knowledgeable speaker for your event or podcast to engage and educate your audience?

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Bhuva’s Upcoming Speaking Events

Apr 11, 2024

Generative AI: Inclusive Design

Women in AI experts will discuss why data matters for inclusion to be effective in the models being trained. Understanding not only the outputs for individuals, rather how outcomes impact broader communities is a key consideration. Continuously iterating and testing the models is critical to address gender inequities, and the panelists will explore industry use cases from the financial services sector, as well as disinformation in news and media.

Apr 11, 2024

Tech at the Fringe: Radical Transformation in Society

Women in AI experts will explore the definition of fringe as it applies to humans and societies, and how we can find joy in and around the boundaries. Energy complexities and heavy regulations demand bold transformations that are sustainable and responsible. The panelists will share personal reflections and industry innovations where reactivating lost and misinformed stories are valuable (for example, across sociology, ethnography, space technologies, and investments). Adoption of modern frameworks is critical to expand enterprises beyond the legacy, and towards the uncharted.

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Thank you for all the amazing work. [...] In both of the efforts I have worked with you on, I have been impressed with your work product and degree of professionalism. I hope I have the chance to work with you again and wish you great success.




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Are you a conference organizer or event facilitator looking for an experienced speaker? Want someone well-versed in responsible technology, artificial intelligence, C-Suite transformation or startups fundraising? Hire Bhuva for speaking engagements now.

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