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Green revenue expansion is possible with Bhuva’s Impact Global.

Balancing revenue metrics with sustainability metrics has never been more accessible with our personalized digital transformation advisory services.

Go from pre-seed to launch in one BIG push!

Expand your sustainable network and grow your business but don't do it at the cost of the planet with Bhuva's Impact Global.

We offer digital transformation advisory services for leaders in...

FinTech startups

EdTech startups

DTC businesses

SaaS businesses

B2B marketplaces

Our Specializations

Quick-Wins Roadmapping
Eco-Business Advisory
Risk-Management & ESG Compliance
Fundraising Operations
Sustainable Tech Products

Quick-Wins Roadmapping

Eco-Business Advisory

Risk Management & ESG Compliance

Fundraising Operations

Sustainable Tech Products

Digital Transformation
Climate Innovation
Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain Crypto
Planet Positive ROI Strategy

Digital Transformation

Climate Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain Crypto

Planet Positive ROI Strategy

Bhuva's Top Board Director & Fractional Roles

World Business Angel Investment Forum logo seen here.

Evenness - Board Director | Fractional Chief Product & Sustainability Officer (CPSO)

Women in AI - Board Director | Chief Ethics & Culture Officer (CECO) - Board Advisor | Responsible AI

Women in RegTech New York - Board Advisor | ESG FinTech and Risk Governance

Columbia Climate School - Board Advisor | Climate Practitioners Network (CPN)

World Business Angels Investment Forum - Board Advisor | Digital Transformation & Financial Inclusion

Non-binary business owners who need a fractional COO, and women leaders in fintech who need to launch their next big idea are all welcome here.

Are you a tech leader but don’t have the managerial experience for digital transformation and action planning? 

Do you have a futuristic vision for your company and the tech industry, but want to mitigate risk with guidance from a proven professional in the field?

You can ethically expand your business to global teams, operations, partnerships and markets with our expert advice. 

Our services range from to being your company’s part-time Fractional COO. 

Your business’ financial standing and your commitment to transforming your business and reaching the next stage of fundraising will determine which package is best for you.

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Our Services



This Assessment Package Includes:

2-hour assessment workshop: a one-on-one with CEO and key decision maker in sustainability or innovation departments
Roadmap for two quarters to achieve maximum social impact for your company, for you and your team to implement
Assessment of your company’s current state of sustainability
Access to workshop recording
In just one month, identify quick wins and prioritized roadmaps for the next two quarters



This Advisory Package Includes:

Three sessions, two hours each, and a roadmap for your team to implement
Our founder oversees
strategy implementation and forecasts new trends in sustainable tech for you and your company
We provide quarterly maintenance and strategy review calls as part of the
Startup’s Executive Advisory Board to track and improve KPIs for newer goals
Get more personalized details about what’s included by contacting us. Work with BIG today!

Need a little more hands-on advisory services? Try our Consulting Package below.



This Consulting Package Includes: 

Digital transformation of your business operations 
Identifying problems, solutions, design blueprints,
metrics and goals, and milestones to achieve your business’ sustainability goals

After 3 months of this service, you can expect: 

Entire workflow of all processes implemented for selected business units
Complete automation strategy and design blueprint 
Streamlined workflow for team and departments with
qualitative and quantitative metrics and impact goals in mind 
To be prepared to reach
the next stage of fundraising

* Early Innovator Assessment 

   Package/Workshop not


Want more? Hire Bhuva Shakti as your Fractional Chief Operations Officer on Retainer for a one year commitment.

For all of the above and more… reach out today to see if you qualify for our retainer package and discuss a quote and/or equity options. 

While you transform the planet for the better, we’ll digitally transform your business.

Early Innovator Assessment Package
Custom Package


We can personalize packages for you. Just reach out to find out how we can help.

Our services are perfect for you if:

  • You are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability

  • You understand that there are no shortcuts to governmental regulations when building a tech product

  • You understand the potential social impact of your work

Are you ready to make BIG waves in the industry? 

Be a business leader that changes the world for the better. With guidance from Bhuva's Impact Global, we can help protect the planet together.

Recent endorsements

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment [...]. As you are aware, we specifically requested you and your skills after successes achieved in [...]. Your input, thought partnership and process driven mindset have really allowed Global Technology M&A to build our team, structure and processes. You have been pivotal in supporting the [...] program, the development and onboarding of our new teams as well as standardizing tools, reporting and governance. Thank you once again. Until the next time…goodbye and good luck on your next project.




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Get to the next stage of fundraising and make a BIG social impact with Bhuva’s Impact Global. You’re one step closer from becoming a champion for climate innovation and the next generation of digital trends. 

Bhuva Shakti, headshot shown here, has extensive knowledge over fundraising, investing, and sustainable and digital transformation.
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