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BIG in the Media

Catch up on the latest press releases and features from Bhuva’s Impact Global and our founder, Bhuva Shakti.

FinTech expert and BIG founder Bhuva Shakti is often called upon to share her insights and expertise with the broader ecosystem of investors and entrepreneurs. Here you can find a collection of articles, interviews, podcasts, and guest contributions featuring Bhuva.

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Columbia Venture Community’s Impact Program

Jul 31, 2023
Columbia Venture Community
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The Top 100 Entrepreneurs of 2022

Mar 28, 2022
C-Suite Spotlight
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FinTech and AI : Where Money meets Mind - WeeklyWed with Bhuva Subram

Mar 30, 2022
WeeklyWed Speaker Series - Business School of AI

Are you a journalist or event organizer looking for fintech insights? Want someone well-versed in AI, ESG, DEI, and FinTech? Bhuva Shakti is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

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